Problems Walking With A Prosthesis

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Are you loosing hope of ever being able to walk or how about not ever being able to walk without a walker or cane?  Are you unhappy because you are not able to do the things you want?  Are you continually going back to your Prosthetist for adjustments without making any progress?  Well, you’re not alone.  You are among thousands of people around the country right now that are making little progress following the life changing event of a lower limb amputation.

There are several fundamental problems with providing quality prosthetic care.  First, few therapists have the special training and expertise to provide a swift and favorable recovery for someone with the loss of a limb.  Most therapists can see a wide range of patients in a day and each with a different problem; some never specialize in one thing.  Training patients to walk with a prosthesis is not easy and isn’t something that just any therapist can handle.

Second, most companies that provide prosthetic devices are what we call “Traditional Brace and Limb Shops.”  Their focus it to just provide you with a product regardless of whether you are able to properly use it.  Typically, they offer such a wide variety of products and services they are unable to become experts in one specialty, like prosthetics.

Since many “Brace and Limb shops” only provide people with a prosthesis patients are oftentimes left on their own to learn how to walk.  These companies assume that a patient will be able to learn how to walk on their own.  However, a study by limb loss gait training specialists, Robert Gailey, MSEd, PT found that Physical Therapy accounts between 40-44% of a person’s total recovery following the loss of limb.  A prosthesis doesn’t walk for you, in fact, it requires between 15-60% more effort or energy to walk with a prosthesis than a normal leg.  In order for your body to generate this extra energy and force, your muscles have to be strong and flexible and that’s where therapy comes in.  We understand the value of therapy and we believe that everyone should have therapy to accomplish their desired level of function.

Do you feel strong, confident, and safe walking with your prosthesis?  If not, and you didn’t have any therapy or good therapy, you’ve probably missed out on opportunity for improvement.

We have numerous patients each month come to us seeking a solution to their prosthetic problems.  Many of them tell very similar stories about their lack of progress with their prosthesis and sometimes even about their lack of physical therapy, or meaningful therapy.  In an age where time is money, many patients can get shuffled around a medical community with the hope of being rehabilitated, only to be left disappointed.

When you are ready to consider seeking services that will make a difference in your life, be sure to contact our staff and discuss solutions that fit your needs.



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